Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fridays at Noon

Tomorrow, we load up the car and head North. In thinking back on the last three years of marriage, residency, and life as a doctor’s wife, my mind focuses on the last 12 months the clearest. 
I will always be in debt to Faris. Shortly after Eileen was born, I called her at 11:52 on a Friday to see if she wanted to get lunch. Seven weeks deep with a newborn and this girl had hit maximum capacity. Faris was going to meet her Friday lunch bunch and asked me to join her. I hesitated, looking down at the potential time bomb that was Newborn Eileen. I hesitated for a second and then piled in the car. 
Fridays at noon starts with a text message on Thursday night as to the destination and time. Never the same group twice, always with babies, always with feet dragging heading back to work, these Fridays at noon became my life line and one of the essential parts of my week.
While we are all different types of parents and come from different places, we all find sanity in knowing that we are not crazy and someone else has been there before. Every kid is watched out for by all the vigilant eyes; it is no surprise to walk away from the table, returning to find someone else feeding or soothing your baby as their own. 
Tomorrow, the girls are going Einstein Bros. where they will talk about summer plans, diaper changes, pregnancy, and how dang hot it is. I will be on the road to my new life with my mom and child. If I cannot find a Friday at noon group in DC, I believe that I will make one through Craiglist and return the nuts to Mr. Planters.
Because every mom needs a mom-friend. Or 10.  Thank you, my ten. You have been a highlight to my days as a residents wife. You have kept me sane. You are delightful women and, as I say to Eileen every night before bed, “You have been a wonderful addition to my day.”
I will always be in debt to Faris.

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