Friday, May 28, 2010


I am on the manhunt for my next homemade invention. But, trust me. Do NOT google "homemade" and expect to find a frontierswoman with a dial-up modem out there pitching her home-grown kitchen to the world.


First look: homemade porn.


Second look: homemade plastic.

Seriously, guys. Homemade PLASTIC?! What, prey tell, do you need homemade plastic for?

So, I am on a mission. Husband cut me off when he found me researching homemade mozzarella and I cut myself off at homemade soap when the instructions called for LYE (with just a tiny asterisk next to it that said, "handle with extreme caution." Ya think?)

It's too bad the Amish do not believe in the internet, or electricity for that matter. They would have good things for me to dominate.

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