Friday, May 28, 2010


I am on the manhunt for my next homemade invention. But, trust me. Do NOT google "homemade" and expect to find a frontierswoman with a dial-up modem out there pitching her home-grown kitchen to the world.


First look: homemade porn.


Second look: homemade plastic.

Seriously, guys. Homemade PLASTIC?! What, prey tell, do you need homemade plastic for?

So, I am on a mission. Husband cut me off when he found me researching homemade mozzarella and I cut myself off at homemade soap when the instructions called for LYE (with just a tiny asterisk next to it that said, "handle with extreme caution." Ya think?)

It's too bad the Amish do not believe in the internet, or electricity for that matter. They would have good things for me to dominate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Husband and wife have just opened a fine bottle of wine to toast our friends addition to their family today and that we are one year out from one of the hardest days- only to follow tomorrow- the greatest.

Because that is what you do. You celebrate life!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Moving Forward

Today is Tuesday, May 25, 2010. As Thursday looms in the distance, I have been thinking back more and more as to "where I was" on this day.

On this day, last year, I was going to the hospital with PETF. I was 88 weeks pregnant and perfectly clueless about the battle that was in store for both me and our precious Eileen.

On this day, this year, I am listening to Eileen disagree with me about her nap. I am listening to my husband continue to build his boat. I am sitting in our new leather chairs and have returned from Sam's where I have started to stock up on supplies that I will need for the next three years in DC. Laundry detergent was at the top of the list. Wine was second. 

Husband and Wife are getting very excited about our major upcoming lifestyle change. We have a home waiting for us in DC. Our new place is a little over 1000 square feet with a bedroom, a den, and two bathrooms. Yep, you read correctly... one bedroom. LMC has the den which is the equivalent to a study down here in Georgia, she says with a southern twang. We also have a parking spot. One which is not included in the rent. Ouch.

Of recent, I have found relaxing therapy adapting to the anticipation of the new life in the kitchen. There are two drawers in my kitchen and no counter space, but this girl has created amazing things like bread, vanilla, mayonnaise, butter, crackers, and the like. Eileen and I play in there, both dusted with flour, both giggling and both kneading the dough. She has no idea what will come out of the oven but can be found dutifully checking on the bread with both hands pressed to the glass licking the door eyeing the sweet smell of success.

We have less than three weeks in our little abode on Coventry Road and I have one month, to the day, left as a resident of Georgia. Husband leaves five days after me, being on call the 29th, giving him time to fly to DC the 30th.... to start the next day, July 1. Time marches on and we march along with it has become our theme (and our marching orders). What adventures are in store for the Two Cagle Girls and our umbrella stroller have yet to be determined. But-- there's a list! There's an excel sheet! There are plans!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Suzie Homemaker, Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

I am a domestic goddess. 

homemade bread... check.
homemade sourdough bread (with homegrown yeast)...check.
homemade butter...check.
homemade vanilla... check.
homemade mayonnaise... check.

What's next to come from the kitchen with two drawers, four knives, and a dishwasher that cannot be unloaded without putting all the dishes on the floor? I have no idea, but am excited for the challenge.