Monday, April 26, 2010

Where'd she go?!


It's been busy, busy, BUSY around 2640-A. And believe me, it has everything to do with the little 16 pound rugrat with no teeth and 18 snippets of hair.

She crawls.
She pulls up.
She reaches and says DaDaDa to Husband.
She poops. A lot.
She feeds herself.
She, all around, rules.

Eileen has becoming quite the little person with the most precious personality. The occasional fit she throws is subdued when she realizes that the Battle of Will Cagles & Battle of Rachel Cagles will not be won with a tantrum. Her schedule is strict from 7:30 to oh, about 4:15... and then she rolls with what the dice throw her.

Her favorite toys are my old Blackberry, DaDas LED flashlight, and PETF's gift of a tea set that sings. She puts the purple cup on her head, sticks out her tongue, her eyes slowly raise as if she can see the new hat and then shakes her head back and forth for it to fall. Immediate giggling ensues.

We have been making bread recently. She sits at my feet, pulls up on the stove, licks the door and laughs like there is no tomorrow when the flour lands in her hair. Well, I say hair... maybe I should say peach fuzz.

We are new with a sippy cup, but old hands with feeding ourselves puffs.

I am so proud of our little one. She makes me laugh and makes me smile. She also makes me realize that she is hungry and it's time to eat!

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