Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morning jogs help for survival

I like to jog in the morning. I’m a new found fan of this exercise that the joy has always alluded me. In my Nikes, I think about my blog and what I am going to write about-- it passes the time and my accruing miles. So much is going on the Cagle world, that I don’t know where to start, or what to skip.
So, Greetings from 2640-A Coventry Road. The new owners have taken over 2635 and are doing lovely things to it, including mostly painting-- my lovely green kitchen is now a yellow (extra virgin olive oil, to be precise), my tangerine bedroom is now a navy, and Eileen’s beautiful pink bedroom is some sort of red color that will be the future husbands  future man room. It looks great but most importantly, it looks like them. Our azaleas, pink dogwoods, and apple trees remain- for now!
Husband and I are slowly getting settled into our new abode that is super small. A long time ago, I told Husband that I would run it with him. After residency, if we needed to downsize, we’d do it. If we needed to sell a car and walk to work, buy second-hand clothes... we’d do it. We need to start off on the right foot. Three years in tight quarters is nothing compared to what lies before us.
But then it became reality.
Ouch. What a pill to swallow when that promise became fact. I look at the two drawers in my kitchen-- not those big, lovely, utility drawers, but those dinky, beside-the-stove drawers... there are t-w-o. I look at my two dinky drawers and just laugh. It’s all that can be done, otherwise I might cry my eyes out.  Two drawers; I have survived with less. My first kitchen had NO drawers and disposable bowls that I washed. Yeah, I said it. I washed disposable bowls. It was not like there was a cabinet full of them. There were eight. Eight disposable bowls that I used each morning for my Cheerios. I was green before it was cool.
We are getting settled none-the-less and getting creative with our space. Most of our boxes are still boxed up and will remain that way until we move again in a quick three months. Our pictures are leaned against walls in a “spare” room waiting to be packed for the journey up north. The sofa, chair, and ottoman are now property of Ford Merry. He flips on them, jumps, and watches Mickey Mouse on his red furniture. The TV sits on our sideboard. Martha’s china looks beautiful in our china cabinet... all on loan until we return. Our outdoor furniture compliments hers, and she can now host one heck of an outdoor party since her seating has more than tripled. Big Dad has more yard tools than he knows what to do with (if he knew he had them...shhh) and our home is otherwise scattered about in attics and closets. It is hard to see our what-makes-us-us stuff in a place that is not ours, but we have to adapt. 
Time marches on and we march along with it. This girl left her pity party at 2635 when she closed the door and head to the bank. 

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