Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Pack?

Downsizing. There are decisions to be made and in typical Rachel fashion, excel sheets to make. We are taking our lovely 2300 square foot home down to a ha-ha funny 800 square feet. Maybe if I add in the 270 square feet of the $200/month for-rent parking spot, I'll feel better about the 1,070 square feet TOTAL that will be all ours. But, our STUFF! Our valuable, what makes us- US, stuff. Our wedding presents, 88 bowls, and icebox... what do we do with you?

Lamps... going.
Fine china... staying.
Christmas china... staying.
sofa... staying.
dining room table... staying.
chairs... staying.
sheets... going.
Eileen... going.
Sanity... going.

Some days I rock along with my iPod in my ears and the boxes seem to fill themselves with the things that have decorated our life. Other days, I cannot wrap my head around what needs to go and what needs to stay. My decisions become based on, "if it fits in the GO box, it goes. If it fits in the STAY box, it stays." So, my bathroom box has toothpaste, spatulas, and a few pictures and my dining room box has bandaids, lotion, silver platters (because I'll definitely need those), and my toothbrush.

I realized the problem of packing the bathroom box early on. It's a good thing I didn't pack the TP.


I Care Because? said...

You use an Excel spreadsheet when you pack? I now feel doubly unorganized...

Aleasha said...

Do you need my help? Honestly, call me!