Friday, January 15, 2010

A Conversation With Ford Merry

Ray-chel, where’s ellll?


Wheeeell. Uncle Boo Boo.

Oh. He’s at the hospital

What doin' at hospital?

Taking care of sick kids and making them feel better.

Like Brennan?

A smile crept across my face... Yes. Yes, like Brennan. He’s taking care of them and making them feel better.


Yes, Ford Merry?

I want to be a doctor like Uncle Boo Boo at the hospital and take care of sick kids like Brennan and make them feel better.

Oh, you do?

Yeah! Me and Uncle Boo Boo!

That sounds like a fine idea, Ford Merry.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Calling All Angels.

I am not one to ask for prayers. The things I seek from The Lord- guidance, trust, understanding, patience- are personal things between me and the Big Man.


Once, I reached out and typed a precious email asking for prayers for our new nephew who was not expected to make it much longer having been born too early. Two years later, our prayers, and yours, inspire me. This little guy runs around and you would never know that his little 6 pound body was picked up in Florida and choppered up to Birmingham to a NICU that saved him. It was your prayers that helped the doctors heal him.

I am asking for help. My cousin is literally in the battle of his life and he needs every. single. one. of. us.

I am asking for your prayers for my cousin who has leukemia. I am asking for prayers for his parents to press on for the little guy fighting and his two brothers by his side. He wears spider man pajamas and can dominate a Wii bowling match. His name is Brennan and if you live in Augusta, you have heard about him. I hope you have heard about him.

Currently, he is at St. Jude’s Hospital and there’s a Hail Mary in the air.

He is a fighter. Please pray with me. For him.