Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been trying for three days to write a blog about our baby’s baptism that took place last Saturday. When a day is so perfect and clear- how do you describe it? How do you put into simple words the pride felt dedicating a small baby to a life led by God?

I guess you start at the beginning.

It made my heart feel good when Ford Merry walked into Most Holy Trinity on Saturday morning and amongst the silence of the prayers, he said, “WOW Daddy! WOW! LOOK! Uncle Boo Boo- LOOK! This is colorful!” as he took off down the center aisle holding his tractor with Brad chasing after him.

This was not the church Brad and I grew up in. We grew up in a “modern” church with light dimmers, stucco walls, a wooden altar and concrete statutes. It certainly was not cold, it was surely a church, but it was not this. Most Holy Trinity was the church that Big Dad remembers as St. Patrick’s from his youth. This is where he grew up.

Formal is a small understatement. The stained glass windows dominate the walls and the marble altar is a small miracle in and of itself. This place was built before budget constraints and recessions. The marble tile floor, hand carved statues, and frescos on the wall are humbling and awe inspiring.

Fr. Mike dedicated the morning mass to our sweet babe. He announced our presence of thirty in three pews. After readings, prayers, and kneeling, he spent his homily talking about Baptism and why we baptize babies. He welcomed the out-of-town Cagles and the Merrys to the church.

How do you miss our thirty? We more than tripled the usual attendance. Every Saturday when I walk into mass, I think about the priest from Sister Act when he says, “Welcome again, Oh ye few but faithful…” to the six in the large church scattered about.

After mass, we stood before the font with the best of family and the greatest of friends looking on. We baptized our Patricia Eileen with her godparents, Catherine & Brad, standing beside us. For our daughter, I cannot imagine two more perfect people to help guide her. Catherine is what you want in a friend, a mother, a partner, and a lifelong companion. Brad is what you want in a brother, a buddy, and a leader.

My husband picked good people for Eileen.

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