Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunny Days

Big Bird and Elmo were never my fave growing up. I loved going to Grandma's house, she had cable, and I would sit and stare at Nickelodeon. Pinwheel was Number 1. Then there was Bill Cosby's show with the drawing, and the other one about the mannequin that turned into a person... and the buffoon of a security guard that could never catch him. Nickelodeon was my channel.

Eileen... notsomuch. She loves, I kid you not, Sesame Street. And now, I too, love Sesame Street.

It's funny. Not like ironic, funny. More like hilarious, funny. Right now, the gang is learning animal sounds and one is saying, "CEEK" and getting corrected to "QUACK."But the duck does not say, "quack" on the show. He says, "Mooo..." which makes me giggle. And Eileen squeaks.

It's great.

Last week, they were singing nursery rhymes and the two worms (whose names I have learned are Slimy and Glo Worm) were pretending to be Jack and Jill climbing up the hill. Instead of fetching a pail of water, they were singing in their high pitched worm voice, "Climb e'vry mountain..." at a worms pace from The Sound of Music. Eileen would squeak and I would laugh at my desk in the next room listening to the nonsense.


Yesterday, Elmo was learning to salsa- which was great for Little E. Elmo pranced across the screen repeating to himself, "1-2-3--e-e-e." And Eileen would squeak her, "EEEEEEE" over and over.

Just now, she was screaming bloody murder- like she was wearing orange at a Tennessee game or something. I popped her in the swing and flipped on Sesame Street from onDemand... seconds later... SECONDS, I hear the sweet squeaky "EEEEEE" from the little one watching Big Bird teach the duck to quack.

Elmo, I love you.

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Lauren said...

Love this. Sesame Street is a favorite in our house, too. We also have some of the Elmo DVDs, which are just 3 Elmo segments back to back.

Miss you - hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your gDiapers!