Monday, October 12, 2009

All over again

It has taken me eight years and a month- to the day- to finally sit down and watch the Today Show from Sept. 11, 2001. Will and I sat in front of YouTube last night for over an hour watching, gaping, just in miserable disbelief all over again. But, we held a crystal ball to this footage unlike those college kids in Athens eight years ago. As Katie & Matt talked about "an accident" we knew in just minutes the second tower would be hit. And then the pentagon. And then a plane crash. It was just getting started, Katie.

It all started with a documentary on the JFK assassination and Walter Cronkite stating, "People everywhere will always remember where they were when they heard of the Presidents assassination."

And then Husband told me about his physics test. And I told him about a mountain weekend that was high priority to me at the moment before I heard those life changing words.

We pulled up the coverage and just started watching. How sad. How miserably sad and painful. People who believe that we should not be fighting a war should sit down in front of their computer and remind themselves what happened.

It was not quite the way I wanted to wind down a lovely two days with Husband, but I am glad to have watched it.

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