Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 months

It really seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Today is Eileen's five month birthday. When she wakes up from her nap, that is going on three hours, she will have her picture made next to the five month card and the date of October 27th, 2009. She will certainly wear her goofy hat that makes her look like a carrot. She hates it-- I love it. She looks so silly in it, but it makes me laugh while it keeps her head warm.

She has started eating cereal- rice cereal to be precise. "They" don't tell you this in the books, but take it from this Super Mom- no matter how the cereal is prepared, they hate it the first go-round. They'll gag, cringe, and otherwise tell you, "HEY! MOM! This is NOT tata milk. What makes you think I am going to like this?" But after two (or twelve) tries, they'll get the hang of it and might actually start to like it. Doctors (AHEM) tell these Super Moms that you should not mix it with tata milk, as it is "their experience" that it will not thicken up (they say without children). THEY are wrong. Listen to your fellow Super Moms on the little stuff and the doctors (however you might be related to them) on things like immunizations and swine flu.

Once a day, LMC is in her bumbo on the dining room table with me in front of her, silver spoon in one hand and a burp cloth in the other. We open wide and slide the cereal in with the spoon and scrape on the gums. Smacking like an old lady, somehow it finds its way down her throat and she opens her mouth for more. Four slow spoonfuls and twenty minutes later she squeaks with glee of a job well done.

At five months, LMC holds her head up when she is on her stomach and if you just peek into the pink nursery from the door, an eyeball to her crib reveals the smallest snippet of a head with four hairs over the edge. In the mornings, we find her on her back and as soon as the initial eye contact is made her arms and legs flail around revealing the happiest of toothless grins and the brightest of eyes.

She has my eyes. And that makes me smile.

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