Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Six Day Challenge...

Okay, so the seven day challenge did not work out quite as well as I had hoped. We did really well for the first 3.5 days. But, after spending so many days in a row alone with a crying Eileen I was invited to lunch on Friday. Husband said, "GO! TSDC be damned!" So, I went.

And then, of course, yesterday was Moe's Monday-- $5 Moe's. Yum.

BUT! Other than those two moments of weakness.... the Cagles did really well otherwise.

So, we're going for round two with The Seven Day Challenge, however-- it is going to be called the SIX Day Challenge, leaving Friday open for Lunch Bunch with my new buddies.

In other news, we have been reviewing the calendar and are pleased to announce that Husband has a whopping six days off over the next fifty days. S-I-X. On average, that is one day off every 8.3 days.

Today is one them, so I will not spend any more time blogging this morning... there's a Husband waiting for me, one that I miss terribly.

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