Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Seven Day Challenge

Husband and wife enjoy eating out. We enjoy the whole process--- picking where we will eat, discussing what we feast on, having a server bring the food to us and then take it away…. We do not even mind paying. Much.

As I mentioned, Husband had five glorious days off this past week and in five days we zipped through, I am not kidding, over $200 in dining out alone.

Dude. That’s a little ridiculous.

So, over dinner (at Rae’s…$50) on Sunday night, we made a decision. A challenge, really. Starting Tuesday, the Cagles would not eat out one thing for seven days.

It is harder than you think it is.

PETF had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday (she's doing amazing, PS), thus sitting in the hospital involved drinking the water I packed. For lunch, while it would have been much easier to grab Chick-Fil-A downstairs at University, I had to head to the grocery store for supper food. Knowing that Husband was working nights this week and not days… it would have been nice to go out to eat before he left. Just to spend a few minutes having someone else take care of us. But, for $20 a lunch for five days… that can just take a sabbatical. So, I went to the Poooblix and bought yummy Publix sub bread, turkey, and Muenster cheese for $14.33 so we can have “Publix subs” homemade. Each sandwich will cost us about $2.47, a HUGE savings from the $6.32 that Publix charges. AND an even greater savings from the $16.22 from My Friends Place. Chips and a cold diet coke… the Cagles are happy.

Last night, we went to visit PETF at University to give her hugs, kisses, and bring Dad some supper. It would have been easy to go by Zaxby’s and pick up a Zalad for $8… nope, we cooked a piece of chicken that breaks down to $.88, couscous, and a tarragon tomato at $.97. Total price for Woo’s supper…$1.85. On the way home, we discussed how good a Zalad would be for us, but NO! We had our challenge. At home, we ate fresh salmon for $7.62 with a $.43 lemon, squash casserole (squash cost about $4), couscous with tomatoes (another $.97) & red wine (priceless… seriously though, $11). Total price for the Cagles fabulous supper…$6.56 a person, and we have leftovers! A better price than the $22 at Zaxby’s (with drinks).

Today, Husband wanted to walk up to the convenience store for coffee, a mere $2.44. I told him there was nothing more convenient than having him sit down. I whipped out the coffee maker…ten minutes later, the time it would have taken him to walk to Circle K…he had his $.01 cent of coffee just the way he likes it- 2 Splenda.

Good grief, I sound like my father.

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