Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our gBaby

Some things about me are just ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

For instance... I have a small obsession with eBay. It's pathetic. I love playing on it. Bidding on it. Talking about it. I love the concept.

I watch television on closed caption. Why? I do not know- I wish my grandfather would watch HIS television on closed caption. But, I do.

But the biggest thing...
I am allergic to sunscreen.
Sunscreen and hair dye.
Sunscreen, hair dye, and Will's asthma medicines.
Sunscreen, hair dye, Will's asthma medicine, and latex.
Sunscreen, hair dye, Will's asthma medicine, latex, and... Eileen's diapers.

The list goes on, but these are the things that are the most important as I run into them the most, all except the hair dye-- Rachel Cagle, new brunette-at-large, again.

I had no idea what a "big deal" a latex allergy was until I got elbow deep in Eileen's diapers. Her sweet and easy Pampers have a lovely chemical called ethylenediame. Good grief, I can barely spell it... but I can clearly tell you that I am VERY allergic to it. Ethylhatesmyfacene is in all the afore mentioned items and PE (pre-Eileen), Will and I were just very aware of it and tried to prevent contact with them as much as we could.

I had no idea it was in diapers.

No idea until my skin went horribly south. My face broke out. My hands broke out. It was all around not pretty. I would go to bed at night covered in Vaseline to stop the itching. I was a pretty picture...

A little investigation turned up few options for people of my sorts. Apparently, there are 4 options for latex-free diapers. All of which have a description to this effect:

"Since XYZ diaper is all natural and does not contain any harsh chemical that might lead a lab rat to developing something that looks like cancer, it needs to be changed more often leading your child to being less likely to developing diaper rash."

Excuse me? I would like a diaper that could hold a little more than what the Niagara pushes over the edge. Diaper rash be damned. We have Boudreaux's for that. I do not recycle, unless it is convenient to me. I am not green. I do not pretend to be.

More investigation turned up gDiapers. Holy flushing toilets, Bat-Baby. Eileen's diapers can now be flushed. DOWN THE TOILET.

It's the coolest (if not the grossest) thing I have ever seen. I, who spent nine months throwing up at the thought of feet, dirty diapers, and rain. Not to mention 27 years of being anti-diapers and telling Martha that her children would not have dirty diapers when I kept them for a few hours here and there-- they knew better (and they did)... have reached a new high in Super Mom status.

I am, officially, green (by default).
Maybe I'll start recycling...

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