Sunday, September 13, 2009


After months and months of working days upon days straight... Husband had a day off. It was full of sanding the boat, playing with bambina, and doting on his lovely wife. Five glorious days of having a husband.

What a change!

Thursday, two out of the three Cagles attended Antiques and Wine, a benefit for Historic Augusta. It involves two of our faves, antiques and wine... hence the title. We walked out with a ride from Zingooooooo and a new addition to our home found in a lovely old desk that Husband bought during the live auction!

Wife had to work Friday but the evening was spent eating Mexican outside with all the three Cagles. Chatting and talking and listening, and just... enjoying each others company without the stress of a chaotic day left behind hanging over his head (and another one on the brink).

Saturday... GAME DAY! The Cagles, all 3 of us, cleaned and played until 6ish when friends started rolling to 2635 to watch the Dawgs play. Chicken on the grill (Gamecock to be precise) and a sleepy baby made for a wonderful evening that ended far too late.

And here we are at Sunday.... a lovely morning downtown with Husband's coffee and wife's chicken salad for breakfast. Eileen sitting in her swing watching her first episode of Handy Manny and I am quickly catching up on work that needs to be done while sweet Husband is finally getting to play on his boat, after two months of hospital work and no playtime.

Tomorrow, wife works & Husband takes his last day and just swims in it... doing whatever he wants to do... because he can. After this nice reprieve, he goes back to the hospital at 110%.

But for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of what life will be like when he is done with residency.

And I liked it.

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