Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who does your pest control?

I forgot to mention yesterday that my short legged, little, bouncing friends are gone. They packed up and headed for the hills. But, I got a call today from Advanced Services checking up on my little buddies.

I was glad to report that there are only three people in residence at Casa de Cagle.

Talk about customer service! I cannot say enough good things about my favorite bug people. Thorough, knowledgable, and just all around fun people.

If you leave your bugs in your hands... stop it. What would be spent at Lowe's can be spent with the Bug People & it is one less thing on the chore list. Husband handled ours for longer than I care to tell you with minimal success. When the roach started drinking my beer and changed the channel to ESPN on the coffee table, there was an emergency phone call to AS and they were knocking on my 1920s, roach motel the next day. We had 'em on the run!

A monthly inspection found termites in our traps back in April... the next day... POOF! taken care of. No termite damage here. If it was not for them, there is no telling what kind of trouble we would be in when it came time to hire Mr. Trulock to sell the house! (because if you think that I am crawling under the house looking for bugs-- you've got another thing coming)


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