Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ugh. Last week.

Last week was ridiculous. So ridiculous I could not rub two minutes together for an update on the Cagles. What started off as a casual, normal Monday quickly turned into chaos. Four little letters. Four terrible, horrible letters I cursed over and over again with my sailor’s mouth.


We do not have animals—secretly, I am not a dog person—but somehow, those little guys got into the house and spread like wildfire. Sweet Petit was like filet mignon to the little jerks. We did not even get to pack up, E & I just left.

Advanced Services came and treated a few hours later & it did not even touch them. They were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. For the whole week, Husband and Wife lived in limbo, crashing at my ‘rents house and then Brad & Martha’s. Four nights later, all we wanted was the following:

(a) Our air conditioner
(b) Our bed
(c) Clean clothes

In that order.

Ange, Woo, Brad, and Martha were all wonderful hosts to the lost Cagles and our 1,433 friends that tagged along and took up residence at Brother’s house… Martha was unimpressed—and rightfully so. I was mortified. Not only did I feel like an unclean person for keeping a house with fleas, but I shared my fleas with someone else who does not have animals.

Just fantastic.

Eileen was also in miserable spirits most of last week as she had her shots on Monday… which meant that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were spent with tears in her eyes and nothing could soothe her. Let’s just add some insult to injury.

No, no… wait… that would be the big ass limb that fell between our house and the neighbors. It knocked down part of the fence, Husbands tent that he was using to build his boat and… his boat. His pride and joy knocked down by a stupid limb. Fortunate for us, we have not found any damage. Yet.

Outside of our little existence, it was a sad week all around for other families.

My friend’s father passed away. I did not know him and cannot pretend that I knew even the slightest thing about him (except, I was told, he loved babies), but I know his daughter. I am fortunate enough to know his wonderful, beautiful daughter. His daughter is the kind of girl that will bring you Reese’s peanut butter cups because you are pregnant and suddenly the sweet tooth that never existed is craving peanut butter m&m’s. (Variety is the spice of life.) She is the kind of person that loves her friends, her family, and her husband with all that she has. And she admires him so—her husband. She believes in his work, his talent, and the home that they are beginning together. I am amazed by her, her kindness, and her genuine honesty. These things that she is, these wonderful qualities, are not things that just happen upon your life. These are things that are instilled in you from Day 1. Things that I hope to teach E. She must get that from him—her father.

Let’s take last week and flush it down the toilet.

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Aleasha said...

OH GOSH! I am so sorry that when I saw you on Monday night that the rest of the week was, well just going to go down the toilet from there. I am so sorry.