Friday, August 28, 2009

Super Mom

I had this great blog written.... all about diaper changes. It's ridiculous. I, who threw up at diapers PE (pre-Eileen), now change diapers with such finesse and such ease and such time that the topic deserved its own blog. Alas, maybe it will pop up soon.

There are more things going on this week than diaper changes. I mean... there are diaper changes, plenty of them, but this week was our first week of school! After 8 months of anticipation, LMC was dropped off on Tuesday with her cousins Tellis & Ford at MDO for four hours of playtime with Ms. Donna & Ms. Kay. LMC comes home tired and ready for some QT (Quiet-- and quality-- quiet because Ford is not around) with the M-O-M, that's me!

So we drop her off at school & start going about the new routine. I work, schedule appointments, and otherwise make myself more of a "worker" and less of a "mom" for four quick hours. Other than the occasional mention of said child, if you did not know me-- you would wonder who that sassy person was strutting into your office and talking about pensions, health care, and life insurance.

Super Mom. That's what I am striving for.

Other than the eight hours solo, I work, work, work next to a bassinet trying to be more like Husband and his 80 hour weeks. Work time is interment with playtime, feeding time, nap time, and of course, diaper change time.

This week though was a little more difficult to assert my tasks of the week head-on thanks to a little thing called a cold. A cold is no big deal to anyone over the age of, say, 22... but when there are only three months under your belt, a cold is nothing to mess with.


You cry. A lot. Excuse me, let me rephrase that. When a three month old has a cold, they scream like, well, they scream like a baby... only a baby that is on steroids and has lungs like a thing that has really great lungs. Obviously my analogies are a little off today.

The neighbors call & wonder if your baby is okay. The parents call and immediately forget why they call so they can get off the phone. The UPS man feels your pain as he drops off another package to mom and baby rocking on the front porch. And the baby wails until the Baby Tylenol kicks in.

And there you are, Super Mom, wondering where the "S" went on your super shirt.

It's in the diaper genie with your blog about diaper changes.

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