Monday, August 17, 2009

North Carolina

Greetings from Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

College Town Heaven meet Green & Hippie Mountain Girl... you two would make a lovely pair. This town is as cool (if not cooler) than Athens. It is a cool 86 degrees outside in mid-August. This is not a "dog day" of summer, it is more like a puppy day. Apparently, too, this is above the gnat line. Husband and wife toodled around town yesterday when we got here and E just stared at the sorority houses, the college kids, and the very beautiful people. We agreed that we could wear baby blue for three years.

Today has been spent trying to get a better feel for the town, the neighborhoods, and what the people are like. Well, I will be happy to report to Husband when he gets done at 4:30 that the town is fun, the neighborhoods are quaint, and the people are just lovely.

However, the real estate prices have a little something to be desired.

Near downtown, a side street turned up a house with a sign in the front yard. It looked like something we could afford with a swing set in the backyard and a little screened-in porch on the side...

One point five million dollars. That has six zeros BEHIND the one!

Seriously?! This house was not that impressive, a paint job was needed, and well... there was not $1.5 there. I mean, the houses on Walton Way were nicer than this one.

Another house, in another part of town... slightly larger with a second story and a very slope-y lot with kudzu everywhere- up the side of the house, covering trees, going into the street- no exaggeration when I say "everywhere."

"Hi. My name is Rachel & I am inquiring about the house you have for sale."

"Oh, yes, we are offering it for $1.1 million...."

"Well, thank you for your time, but that is just a little out of our price range."

Ma'am, you can keep your six zeros... seven digits is a phone number to me.

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