Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in the Kitchen

My favorite thing to do is make a HUGE meal and invite 18 of our closest friends over for wine, appetizers, and supper. I spend all afternoon making a disaster in the kitchen whipping up something a little over average, a little less than amazing and Husband swoops in ten minutes before the doorbell rings and all hell breaks loose to make it absolutely sparkling. I zip in the shower & the fun begins.

A minimum of five bottles of wine & 36 dirty dishes later, the night comes to an end. Husband and I revel in what a great time we had. Our friends leave with full stomachs and the mildest of morning headaches.

Since being pregnant, my headache in the whole process has disappeared. But since being super SUPER pregnant, my good times in the kitchen have subsided. The idea of spending more than 240 seconds on my feet unless I absolutely HAD to was more than painful.

Husband and Wife had dates that involved chicken salad (store bought), Campbell's soup, and lots and lots of grilled cheese sandwiches. Once the gd-gd set in, it was more Special K protein bars and lots of shrimp. Shrimp are easy to cook and even Husband can make those in a pinch.

After LMC came (you know, 43 hours... 16 hours of hard labor... 2.5 hours of pushing...c-section...2:47 in the morning) our awesome friends and family cooked supper, brought food, took us out to eat, or otherwise fed The Girl on Percocet & The Hungry Husband. We might have starved otherwise. I was in no condition to operate heavy machinery, let alone a microwave.

This Friday, I am making baby steps at getting back to the kitchen. Some very special people gave us the best new-mom gift ever, a gift certificate to Dream Dinners. I still can't spend oodles of time on my feet like I would like to, but I still want to make something a little less than amazing for Husband for supper. Our dinner dates are very important to me and sometimes, a grilled cheese just does not cut it... no matter how fancy you pretend it is.

If you are unfamiliar (as I was), Dream Dinners has everything pre-measured for you & it is your job to assemble everything, get it in a freezer and cook at your leisure with the greatest of ease.

Husband & Wife will feast-- and thanks to Dream Dinners & Advanced Services, we will have... I kid you not... 20 meals ready to go. I can slowly make my way back to the kitchen and getting back on my feet (literally speaking) and not have to starve Husband in the interim.

Grill Cheeses be damned!

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stephanieallen said...

You are exactly why we created Dream Dinners, to help all people eat a home cooked dinner. Enjoy! You can get more ideas on how to use Dream Dinners on my blog
Take care, Stephanie