Friday, July 24, 2009

200 is such a daunting number.

Ta-tas. Ta-tas with talent. I have ta-tas with talent. They give my little one life and it is all because of me. Not Enfamil. Not Similac. Not Publix brand formula. M-E. Little E and I have twenty minute meetings seven times a day. It's a wonder I get anything done. By seven, it is more like six. But, if it is anything over four... what is the difference?!

If you know anything about me, I like planning. Correction, I love planning. And I like Excel sheets. I am terrible at math, but I love numbers. For instance, before giving birth an excel sheet was created for the best price of diapers in the area. THEN, that just was not good enough. Husband said that babies grow 10 grams a day for the first x weeks, and 10 grams equal x percentage of a pound and newborns diapers go up to eight pounds... based on this nugget of knowledge, 6.5 pound Eileen would be in newborn diapers for.... 5.5 weeks (and use approximately 11 diapers a day, exceeding 400 diapers total) And she was. To the date. Nary a diaper was wasted, except the ones she tinkled on and had to be tossed. Talk about about a waste of 28 cents. (24 cents on sale at

Excel sheets and numbers, I digress... 200. Two hundred ounces. Holy...

Ohmygoodness, Husband and Wife are leaving Sweet Petit in September and again in October for a a three day weekend first and a four day weekend second. "So what?" you non-baby makers scoff.


Tater Tot survives on ta-ta milk alone, thus... she needs me and my ta-tas to get to work so she can eat while we are gone.

"Ohhhhhhh...." the light flicks on. Don't worry- I would not have registered this important detail either.

200 hundred ounces. That's four ounces extra a day for the next 49 days. I should be done by September 12 and will leak my way through the next two months.

Talk about dedication. I Should buy the "My ta-tas are awesome" bumper sticker. Or at least "Save the ta-tas" I don't have breast cancer, but by September 13- mine will need saving.

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Julia said...


I am Faris's friend who's blog you commented on. Thank you very much by the way. I love your spreadsheet...I probably should do this because I am trying to figure out how many preemie diapers I should buy. I am just jealous that you are not having to "pump and dump" like I am right now. not very fulfilling. I think my husband has a new appreciation for my talented ta-ta's after the NICU nurse told him what formula cost per week last night :)