Thursday, June 11, 2009

When a Child is Born, so is a Grandmother

When Ford was born Susie Rice gave me a little book, When a child is born, so is a grandmother. She welcomed me to the “club” and said, “It is the best!!” My heart is so heavy knowing what she is going through right now with her grandson having leukemia. She is a role model for all grandmothers. I admire her rock-solid strength and courage. Please continue to pray for their family.

In the words of my son’s inlaws to me, “It’s just different when it’s your daughter giving birth – not that you love anyone any less.” Oh, how true! When the news of Rachel’s impending C-section arrived I cried like a baby in Woody’s arms. Debbie, on the other hand lived up to her nickname, Little Deb Sunshine. She was calming and reassuring. Woody was thrilled because Eileen’s “head is going to be beautiful.” I’m not really sure of Tommy’s reaction because I was re-living in my mind my own emergency C-Section 30 years ago and being scared, not knowing what to expect.

Rachel had the best of care – a doctor who takes no chances and puts up with no foolishness when it comes to being healthy, and a pediatric team second to none as Will put it. He played the part of husband and father, not pediatrician. He didn’t even “cut the cord” because as he said, “I’ve cut hundreds, I wanted to stay by Rachel’s side.” What more could you want from a son-in-law?

Hospital time was exciting but uneventful, with the exception of the Moultire great grandmothers’ presence. Homecoming was beautiful! Eileen’s nursery upstairs and down is perfect in every way. Rachel has it fully stocked and organized.

Eileen has already been to the Village Deli, Vallarta’s, Yo Pizza, Five Guys Burgers and Publix. As you can tell Rachel is rid of the gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. She hardly even looks like she’s had a baby. She put on some shorts with a zipper and button and she’s looking forward to long walks with Eileen when she is able.

I have had the pleasure of playing chief cook and bottle washer along with taking care of a little laundry. Will and I have a system in place. He brings the dirty clothes downstairs and I wash, dry, fold, and load the basket with clean clothes and place it at the bottom of the steps – just like magic. I load and unload the dishwasher and he starts it for me because the switch has been broken and I can’t work it. I bag the trash and he takes it out. We get along just like peas and carrots.

There is a page in the book Susie gave me that says:

“You’ll write your own rules
and you’ll do your own thinking,
You’ll grandparent your way!
Without even blinking …”

Well, when your son-in-law is a pediatrician you have to be careful grandparenting your way. But actually, I think it is a wash. I’m not sure who is more intimidating, me being a grandmother or him being a pediatrician. We both have our areas of expertise. And mine happens to be bathing Eileen. I gave her the first bath with Rachel and Will looking over my shoulder and then following me into Eileen’s room. We looked like the mother duck with her ducklings in tow.

I am signing off now and want anyone who reads this to know that mother, father and baby are doing just fine adjusting to their new life together.

Ange Merry (aka Patricia Eileen)


Kristen said...

Great post! Eileen is beautiful & Rachel and Will seem to be having a good time!

Connor Family Blog said...

I absolutely adore this post. Ange, you are a wonderful grandmother to all of your little ones. Eileen is so blessed to have you to take good care of her. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

RMC said...

my mom's the cutest!