Saturday, June 20, 2009

Red Headed Baby

We are holding our own. It's been a life changing experience but we're adjusting just as quickly as we can. Several friends told me how much pregnancy will be missed & only one said, "Nah... Rachel won't." and she was right! I definitely DO NOT miss being pregnant. It's so funny to look at her ultrasound pictures and see that exact same face on our little daughter. She has my eyes, mouth, and hand mannerisms-- but she is 100% Will Cagle's daughter. No one can mistake that as she is the spittin' image of him... except the red hair! RED! She popped out the womb and the second thing the doc said was, "Where'd the red come from??" Debbie! My grandmother also had red hair, but she was completely gray by the time she was 20.... so let's hope it's Debbie's and not AJ's.

Eileen and I cannot drive yet, so we spend a lot of time in our pink chair & I take her all kinds of places with my adjectives. Will sings to her-- we aren't much for Rock a Bye Baby-- but she gets a lot of Allman Bros, Rollling Stones, Sam Cooke, and most any love song from 1962. As soon as I can drive, we are heading to Barnes & Noble to buy some books. When my creativity escapes me, I tell her how to make jambalaya, chicken bog, shrimp creole... I'm sure somewhere in her little mind she is wondering where the hell Winnie the Pooh is, but in the interim... Hilton Head Casserole will have to do. (First, we boil about 8 chicken breasts...)

Eileen thoroughly enjoys crying from about 3pm to 8pm.... fantastic. But, she almost sleeps through the night & we don't have to set an alarm to feed her anymore, as she is almost seven pounds. She also enjoys spitting up oodles after feeding & most of it lands in one of my 8 nursing bras. And I see why one of my buddies is going with cloth diapers, GEEEEEZ.... $50 for diapers that lasted a pathetic amount of time. My eBay mad money is seriously taking a hit.

I'll leave you with this... yesterday we accomplished the following tasks outside of feeding, burping, spitting up:

her bath
my shower (no, I didn't shave my legs)
two emails to two clients
one load of laundry folded (not washed/dried)
and... hmmmm.... yep... that's it.

God Bless Motherhood... and Will wants 8 of these suckers!

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Aleasha said...

so will wants 8 huh!?!???! going from none to 1 was soo much more of an adjustment than from 1 to 2 for me. its huge, but i know your doing awesome!