Friday, June 5, 2009

A new kind of Friday

It's Friday & a quiet evening has stretched before us in our new lives. Jackson Browne is on the radio. Eileen is laying quietly in her bassinet wrapped in her ladybug blanket. Husband is working on his boat building plans next to me. And I am sitting- capturing this moment in my mind, knowing that soon the wash of labor from the previous week will be forgotten, our child will grow, and Husband will finish his boat.

What a wonderful summer evening with an imminent thunderstorm forecasted on both the television and my incision. Cold beer from the bottle & a turkey sandwich for supper. Nights like this should be relished.

Eileen has many accomplishments this week- she stayed awake for almost an hour this afternoon after PETF gave her a bath and used her new towel that Gran gave her as a diaper... Unlike her cousins, so far-- Little E has not been a big fan of the bath. We call her many things-- Little E, Old Man Turtle, Eileenatmin (yes- like vitamin), and LP to name a few... what we think at 3am when she will not sleep, but continue to scream are a different story. And she has had many visitors-- Lynn, Ben, Vicki, Nancy & Staples, Faris & Caleb... with many more in the next coming days. Showing no partiality, she is beautiful, the spitting image of her father.

We have already had our first doctors visit (Dr. Freeman said she was "just perfect." Dr. Claiborne agreed.) and I go back to Erin on Monday for her to... inspect... everything. As if enough modesty was not lost last week. Let's say that some things I am okay forgetting.

Evenings like this should be relished, not spent blogging.

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Connor Family Blog said...

Love the update! We loved spending Wednesday night with the Cagles! Can't wait to watch Eileen grow big and strong!