Thursday, May 14, 2009


I remember being 6 weeks pregnant. No bump, drinking O'Doul's and no one knew.

I remember being 16 weeks pregnant. Broken foot, hellaciously uncomfortable and my, er, dare-ee-air was growing faster than my stomach.

I remember being 26 weeks pregnant. Still throwing up, getting more energy and Poppy was no longer a Poppy, she was an Eileen.

Never was the end in sight.

I am 36 weeks pregnant. If Husband breaths the word waddling, he knows death is imminent.

At 6, 16, and 26 weeks though, there was a difference.

I was not contracting.

A gander in my uterus revealed LMC was hanging pretty upside down, hand still in front of her face, kicking the sides of her fishbowl, and letting Christy (the ultrasounder) know that she was not pleased to have someone sneaking a peek inside. Afterwards, we headed over to IGOR's domain. Ange has been coming with me to my weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests as Husband cannot take that much time away from work. He meets us in Erin's waiting room afterwards, which I appreciate- especially today. IGOR (Ms. Fran) strapped me up to the cold, hard disks, found her heart beat and set me up for the thirty minutes. Mom and I talked about an upcoming wedding, her beach trip, and the paperwork we had to go over. At 21 bars (21 minutes) Husband walked in for the last blip on the tape. IGOR looked at the tape and asked me a simple... correction... a very simple question.

"Did you feel that?"

Before she said anything else, I knew what that was. Not a word slipped from my lips.

"It's gone. Did you feel that?"


"You have had two contractions since you sat down. And, based on your answer...(or lack there of)... I am going to say you did not feel them."

Silence and the color drained from my face and hit the floor.

Calm your nerves, be still your beating heart, and let your vapors subside-- two very important words go with these contractions:

Braxton. Hicks .

Validation! For days I thought I felt something, but nothing that was what has been described to me. More like a flutter and far less like a mule kicking me in the gut. Dainty?

Done with IGOR & kisses to Patricia Eileen The First... we head back to see Erin to make a surprising discovery...

I was up two pounds last week and down the same two this week! Weight gain is holding steady at 14 pounds.

Astounding. Absolutely astounding to me. gd-GD... every day I realize you are what the doctor ordered. Extra ultrasounds, a safe and healthy weight progression, confirmation of what the ticks are and those stupid non-stress tests that are anything but stress free.

Contractions? What contractions?

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