Friday, May 22, 2009

What starts out as average...

Days that change your life start out like any other day. I cannot remember the day I met Husband. But, from the moment I knew him, I never forgot him.

In hindsight, I remember the day he proposed to me. We were at our beach house and spent the whole day basking in the sun. We ate sushi at Islamorada Fish Co. and drank Natural Light in the middle of a horrible thunderstorm that kept knocking out the power. It was just… an average July day, that 15th in 2006. And it was as comfortable as when you were small and crawled into your grandmother’s lap to fall asleep to the scent of her perfume, Beautiful.

The day we decided that two should become three started like any other day. It was a Friday in late May. Husband was cooking on the grill and I had set the table outside with a bright plaid tablecloth and Vietri fish china with matching wine glasses. Appetizers of hummus and pita chips & a fantastic piece of seared tuna with sesame seeds. Not to mention the wine in the marble cooler. I brought it up. And the conversation was so calm, so intelligent, so pragmatic, so much something you would never imagine we were discussing the possibility of changing our picture perfect little life with just the two of us.

But picture perfect is boring. Broken china, handprints on the wall, and sleepless nights make for better stories and add character to your soul.

Yesterday started out like any other. I ate my Eggo for breakfast, enjoyed a haircut and lunch with Nancy. Husband was able to make it to my ultrasound and non-stress test. It was an average Thursday, like the past five Thursdays I have had in this pregnancy- hanging out with the 3Cs, IGOR, and Erin.

And what a surprising discovery we had in store for us in Erin’s office. This pregnancy was not going to make it until June 8th. This pregnancy will cease to exist Tuesday, leaving the Cagles with an Eileen. An Eileen we have been waiting two long years to meet. An Eileen we are very excited about. An Eileen that makes Husband beam and grin from ear to ear. An Eileen that promises me will be the greatest of adventures.

So, this weekend, I promised Erin I would take it easy- try doing that when you know LMC is a mere 80ish hours away. No problem… Husband is on call tomorrow and Monday. At this moment, life is the same and slowly moving forward. PETF (Patricia Eileen the First) will spend Monday night at the hospital with me & Husband will come straight to 7-West (L&D) at MCG as soon as he gets off-call in Aiken Tuesday morning. The Cagles & Husband’s grandmothers will be here around lunchtime (the grandmothers have had their bags packed for about a week; how precious is that?) & the day will end with one more person then the way it began.

Husband said words to me a week before I got pregnant, words that I carry with me, make me smile and make my heart feel warm, “You smell like sunscreen and the sea. You smell like home.”

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