Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Lessons in Love

What a lovely day! Mama's girlfriends hosted a lovely shower for Eileen yesterday afternoon and I was positively showered with love and attention from everyone. These women watched me grow up and were so excited to take part in this special event. Mom had a little trick up her sleeve- one that I could not believe and one that I am so humbled to have received.

At 33 weeks, Eileen makes it her goal in life to find both my bladder and my right lung with her hands and feet and squeeeeezzzeeeee tightly. She weighs in at just over four pounds and is on track to be seven pounds... ouch. If you were to keep an eyeball on my stomach, you would see her swish this way and that. Husband and I are already making plans to take her on her first beach trip to St. George Island in November for her to play in the biggest sandbox and swim in the salty water. But, with plans and babies... if you want to make God laugh, make a plan.

Back to mom's present... beautiful. Just beautiful. No other word for it. My mom's friend found moms wedding dress in the back of the closet. She took the lace off the wedding dress, cleaned it, and made...

For Eileen. You cannot see it in this picture, but behind the dress, is the tiniest little bonnet with more of the same lace and her name embroidered on the inside.
Diapers... check.
Clothes... check.
Very expensive window treatments that I am very jealous of... check.
Wild patterned pink chairs...check.
Changing table...check.
Antique French baby bathtub (that holds toys- not babies; don't worry!)... check.
Baby...7 weeks, maybe 6... if I'm lucky.

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