Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Greatest of Them All.

British golf writer, Pat Ward-Thomas, used those words, "The Greatest of them all," in reference to the great Bobby Jones back in December, 1971 when he finally passed away after a long hard battle.

This week is one of the greatest weeks we, as Augustans, experience. We are hosts and hostesses to the whole world. For four brief days we stand at attention and welcome fellow patrons into our lives, our homes, and our fair town for what has been dubbed by those that whisper into microphones "a tradition like no other."

Welcome to my world. Welcome to my home.

The Greatest of them all. This time of year always makes me think of my sweet Aunt Helen. Especially now. Aunt Helen died last Easter & I miss her so much today. I would have loved to tell her that I was pregnant with her great-great niece, named for her favorite brother's youngest daughter. Aunt Helen was the greatest of them all.

In my heart, I know there are poignant words she would have spoken to me in her little sorority house with Aunt Carol. In my heart, I would have held them there and taken them with me for the rest of my days. But, in my heart, I know she had to go and be with the rest because of what was coming ahead. She had to get up There so she could take care of all of us and keep a little closer eye.

We believe that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father. I believe that Aunt Helen is truly not too far from Them, sitting at the right hand of Someone, helping and guiding her little flock of redbirds make right decisions and find strength in a pool that was thought to be dry.

Every day this week I have seen a redbird in my backyard as I made breakfast. Every morning, a little whisper "hello" to the Greatest of them All and wishes of a solid life for her newest pending arrival & our growing family. With a lady like Aunt Helen on our side, whispering words of encouragement as we sleep through the night, surely we will all continue to grow in health and happiness.

As this week of $1.50 egg salad sandwiches in little green wrappers winds to a close and Easter is upon us, I welcome spring with all the hope and promise that it brings and will listen for those whispered words in half daze of morning. And I will look for my redbird with renewed joy that, though she is not with me to hear her sweet voice and those poignant words I will want for the rest of my life, she is with me in my heart taking me where I need to go.

The Greatest of them All.


Anonymous said...

I am catching up on Meet the Newest Cagle like some people catch up on the latest American Idol or Bachelor episodes. The Greatest of Them All was known to her great grandchildren simply as Great, Helen the Great. I miss her too. Every time we see a red bird in the back yard the boys exclaim, "There is Great!" She visited us everyday during Brennan's most recent stay at home. I am glad to know that she is making the rounds!! Love and admiration, Tara

a grey angel said...


I stumbled upon your blog completely by accident today after coming home from our second baby shower (in as many weeks). I actually know Will from as far back as Elementary school, and after seeing Mrs. McIntosh this afternoon at the baby shower and asking about her son (also Will), I couldn't help but wonder what happened to other former school friends. I haven't seen your husband since I rand across him at Abraham Baldwin one summer, but since at least for one Summer it seems like I spent everyday at his house I thought I would Google him.

Well anyway, tell him that Patrick Spurlock says hello, and that I am expecting my first child, Helen Ruth Spurlock, within the next week!!!

It is actually a big surprise for my wife and I, because we honestly only found out about the pregnancy at 30wks in. No, really!

Take Care, and I hope all goes well for the two of you.