Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best of a Bad Situation.

It’s been a tough go at the last 2 weeks. There’s been blood sugar to learn about, cookbooks to stick my nose in, and lots and lots of time on the internet finding out what my carb count will be if I eat _______. But after the tears and the fear of what is happening to my body and the growing one inside of me, something important happened. I got over it.

So, my detailed excel sheet tracks everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) down to the 2 tbsp. of chocolate ice cream I had last night when we got back from “baby birthing” class. Blood sugar, exercise, carbs, food, you name it… it’s on there. And my little “trigger pack” is discreet & fits in my purse, or on my desk, or in my car, or anywhere I need it to- and it only takes about 25 seconds from soup to nuts to test my blood sugar and write it down.

The last two weeks have been a big change in our pregnancy.




Today though, I woke up with no knowledge of how big the change in my pregnancy actually was. We had an appointment with Erin a few hours ago and we learned some things we did not know about me, my body, gestational diabetes, and how it changes.

My blood pressure is down.

My coloring is better.

My blood sugars are perfect.

My “squishies” are gone. (swollen appendages; it has a fancy medical term, I just cannot remember it. Edema?)

I have lost eight pounds in two weeks.


Erin & Will were both very proud of me. I was very proud of myself.

Apparently, "gd" GD agrees with me.

And the silver lining on the gray cloud is that we get to have extra ultrasounds to chart LMC’s growth a little closer. Our next snapshot into her fishbowl will be in two weeks. Her heartbeat was in the 150s- normal & we are all getting very excited about the upcoming arrival.

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