Monday, March 23, 2009

Ohh... the nursery!

Ohh... the nursery! It's coming together, slowly but surely. Her room is perfect, just perfect. The walls are the palest shade of pink with green window treatments and sassy hot pink fringe- it's too much for words.

Husband set up LMC's crib last night- it's a beautiful white wrought iron crib that will hold tiny Eileen in just weeks. In her nursery are two hot pink chairs, a round table that will soon hold a lamp and books to read to her, a mahogany chest of drawers to serve as her changing table and an antique French baby bathtub. The bathtub will hold oodles of toys and stuffed animals. All we need is a rug and a baby!

Today is Monday and I am 29 weeks pregnant. Currently, I am sitting at MCG in the walkway over the Emergency Room entrance. There is no cause for alarm, but if it has been said once... it has been said 1,000 times: pregnancy is not for sissies. Last week I failed my glucose test. I hate failing tests, any kind of test, especially the type that they make you retake until you get it right. Last week I also took my FINRA continuing education test and if I did not pass it in the time provided (three and a half grueling hours) then I would have to take the whole thing over again... from scratch. I passed, I think by sheer fear alone.

I digress, glucose. Yuck.

Last week, I took my one hour glucose test and my results came back over the safe levels. So, last night this pregnant person had to fast all night and into the morning for the nurse to take my blood levels. Next, I had to drink a whole bottle (let me reemphasize that: a whole 10 ounce bottle of glucose) of this orange drink that is so sugary it makes my teeth hurt. Now, I am sitting... waiting for the hour to be up for them to draw my blood, for the second hour to be up, for them to draw my blood, and finally for the third hour to be up for them to draw the last set of blood, if there is any left!

Plenty of people, well, plenty of women, fail the first go-round at the 1 hour test so there is nothing uncommon about this and nothing to raise a flag over.

Just tell that to my nerves!

The sugar [glucose] has just hit Eileen and she is up and kicking right now. She is almost 17 inches long; just so we're clear: that is over a foot and a half. Her weight is almost three pounds and she is expected to at least double that over the next 11 weeks. Her lungs are still developing so she will be able to cry out good and loud for us to hear her from her nursery, with her walk-in closet, when we are upstairs.

And I registered! Martha took me last week so we could be completely ready for when she gets here. All kinds of fun stuff, too! It was super fun to look at the little booties, pink smocked dresses, strollers, and diaper genies. Maybe not the diaper genies, why do they not come with a real genie, ready to change the stinky diaper???

From MCG to you, my first hour is almost up and I need to check back with Miss Carla.

Just call me the human pin cushion.

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