Thursday, March 19, 2009

All About Eileen

This week has been all about Eileen! Husband & I went to the greenhouse this weekend and purchased oodles of veggies for "Eileen's Garden." Husband spent most of Saturday playing in the misty cold weather planting veggies and herbs. He is looking forward to playing in the dirt with her. I think this summer it will mostly be Husband playing in the dirt and LMC watching or sleeping, but next year and the year after, she will have her own set of tools and will be ready to rock and roll hand-in-hand with her dad.

We also started our "baby birthing" classes this week. There are five classes in total and they involve a lot of "TMI" and what promises to be an eye-opening experience for this Cagle. Doctor Husband knew pretty much all of what RN Pat had to say, but he paid attention and laughed at all the bad jokes, which made me happy. Husband looked just like any other expectant father sitting at the table.

The week also brought us St. Patricks Day. I took Big Dad to mass downtown at Most Holy Trinity- formerly St. Patricks Catholic Church. Big Dad scooted his walker in like he owned the place strutting his five different shades of green. All he needed was his Knights of Columbus regalia or an Irish Heritage sash. Big Dad knew pretty much everyone there. I guess that is what happens when you start out at a church and 88 years later... you're still there. There were some moves in between, but where he started is where he will finish. He was proud as a peacock heading to the front for a pew. There were Irish dancers with their very big hair, short skirts, and Hollywood makeup, gypsies (with the same big hair, short skirts, and Hollywood makeup), Irish Heritage society members proudly wearing the green, white, and orange sash, nuns, 12 priests celebrating, and about 107 shades of green. What a bunch! After Mass, we had a picnic lunch with my parents outside the church and watched the parade with Tellis. We all got beads- especially Big Dad!

It was a good week. We went back to the doctor. After five weeks of no doctor visits, we heard LMC's heart beat, which was a little anti-climatic as the last 4 visits have involved ultrasounds. And I had my icky gluco test. YUCK. I go back on Monday for more lab work & then we see Erin every two weeks until the end.

Poppy has been UBB for 28 weeks. She is almost a foot and a half in length and weighs about 2.5 pounds. She can blink those baby blues and she can dream. Her REM and sleep patterns are establishing into a routine that will carry her throughout the rest of her stay en untero & into infancy. I wonder if she can come out potty trained?

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