Monday, February 2, 2009

Reid Church

Yesterday, the squawking birds woke me up in my tangerine room out of my tree house window. We were going to church. And not just any church, but the church we were married in almost two years ago.

But today, we were going to church for a special little lady with a white bow in her hair and, what will probably become, a family heirloom of a baptism gown.

We were going to church for her baptism.

The last time we were in the slate floored church, my namesake was being buried. He had passed away days before and as a Presbyterian, God-Fearing Man, he was having his funeral in the church he grew up in. Pierce Merry.

But Sunday was a celebration of life. That cold, cold Wednesday eight months ago was also a celebration- more of a closing ceremonies, conclusion to life. Yesterday though, with the little lady swathed in white linen and eye-lace, she was held before God and the congregation to be welcomed with open hearts and open hands.

Over a fantastic lunch at the PI, we all talked about the different ways we were baptized-- a baptist talked about walking up to the preacher, during church, to tell him that she was ready to accept God & her white robe with rope belt. My Presbyterian husband talked about how his preacher back in his small home town mixed the water of the Jordan River into the baptismal fountain every year. And Deedle, how he tried to go swimming in the baptismal font when he realized it was water in the big, stone, space beneath him.


It was a very nice way to round out a weekend.

Poppy is 22 weeks this week. She weighs in at about a pound. Poppy has the ability to see light. If we were to take a flashlight and put it on my stomach, we'd feel the immediate effects as she would swim away from it. No need to scare her- so we won't be doing that. She is almost a foot in length & has the ability to grasp "things."

That's what "the books" say. Now, how "they" know that 22-weekers can grasp "things" other than just their umbilical cord is beyond me. They will not be running those types of experiments on me & my uterus!!

We go back to the doctor next Thursday & Poppy will be back on the big screen. Hopefully, they will take more pictures for us to upload. But, if not... I can still talk about it!

In much more fun news-- I went shopping this weekend; I have given up on maternity clothes. Poppy will be the best dressed kid at Mothers Day Out this fall! I shopped and shopped & then Husband came home from call & he wanted to come along, so we shopped some more! Now, I just need to find some of those little hangers to hang the little dresses on.

Ohmygoodness.... Mothers Day Out.... Are you ready for this?! I had to register "Baby Girl Cagle" with a birthday of "DUE JUNE 8" for Mothers Day Out last week. Yes, this child is not even out of the womb yet, and she is already registered for MDO. LMC (Little Miss Cagle) will be going to school twice a week, Tuesdays & Thursdays with her cousins, Ford & Tellis. Tellis & LMC will be in the same class as they are only six months apart. Tellis & I have made a deal-- she's going to make sure the other big kids do not pick on her and Ford & I have made a totally separate deal-- he is going to make sure the girls only hang out with the nice guys. No jerks allowed.

Okay, I am heading out-- Husband's on call & I might get to eat dinner with him if the traumas subside for fifteen minutes & we can make it to Mickey Ds for chicken fingers & milkshakes.

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Connor Family Blog said...

Thanks for the sweet comments about the baptism. We were so glad to have y'all there to help celebrate! EF is such a blessed girl!