Monday, February 23, 2009

Heart & Soul

On the top, that is the foot that used to kick my bladder. Now it kicks my lung.
On the bottom, that is the hand that tugs on the umbilical cord and will hold my pinkie finger in a matter of mere weeks.

That is my child.

Today was not a day of concern, but leading up to today caused me to have a wandering mind. Our last ultrasound raised a question about Eileen's heart. Just a small question, nothing that would take her away from us, BUT- they could not get a clear picture of the outflow tract of an artery (insert a bunch of medical mumbo-jumbo to say exactly the whose-its & whats-its). She just moved around too much and too fast! Eileen is quite the "zoomer" when it comes to ultrasounds.

So... we had an appointment today with the pediatric cardiologist & the ultra-sound-er for a zoom in on her beating heart.

Forty-five minutes of an unimpressive black "thing" flapping in silence and twenty minutes for the doctor to review and another twenty-ish minutes of sitting in the darkened, eight year old- underwater-dream-world, feng-shui inspired room talking quietly amongst ourselves and waiting. For an answer. About her heart.

Someone higher on the food chain than Husband came in to touch bases with him on a patient and started his conversation with, "Right now, you're a father & a husband. But, when you get done- Room 3 needs a peds cardiologist..." And my perfectly good heart beat faster. And I pretended that I could handle anything that they threw at me for another five minutes.

The charming doctor busied himself through the door and rechecked everything he had already seen to tell us that Eileen has a perfectly boring heart. Perfect. Boring. Normal. Average. Mundane, even. He was certain that it would not be her heart that would take her from us.

Crisis averted by merely a heartbeat.

How lucky and amazing we are in Augusta to have a place like the Children's Medical Center. People from all over the southeast come to Augusta to go to this clinic to sit in this darkened underwater Nemo/SpongeBob SquarePants room to have their child's heart investigated.

On a much lighter note, today celebrates my 25th week of pregnancy. This is the last week of my second trimester. This is the last week I can take Advil if I need it. This is the last week of part II. Poppy is getting her lungs this week. They have been there, but now they have capillaries & are developing the very important surfactant that they need to pass co2 and o2 through the body [read: breath].

I have not been sick in almost two weeks. We think that might be heading to the wayside, along with my belly button, blonde highlights, my lovely stretch-mark free skin, button pants, and the ability to tie my shoes.

At 25 weeks Eileen has finally flipped. I felt it last night and the ultrasound today confirmed it. She no longer kicks my bladder- she kicks my lungs. Currently, her foot is resting underneath my ribs. Imagine being tickled from the underside... not comfortable.

Her nursery is painted & the furniture has all been purchased or is at the house. We will start setting it up after our last party in two weeks. Last week we hosted a fantastic party for our wonderful neighbors who are getting married. Such fun! In two weeks, we're hosting another party for one of my oldest & dearest friends who is also having a baby. AND THIS WEEK, we are having MCG supper club at the house... all 24 of them!

We are keeping ourselves busy as the time has started to slow down to inching along as we get closer and closer to our much anticipated arrival.


Connor Family Blog said...

Wow, I'm so sorry that y'all had to deal with that scare! We Connors are so glad that everything is alright with little Eileen!

RMC said...

We Cagles are, too! Thanks!