Thursday, February 12, 2009

From this moment, you mean everything to me.

But not us, no never, no not us, no never...
We are far too young and clever.

Remember, Eileen, I'll hum this tune forever.

- Dexy's Midnight Runners

When Husband & I would dance to Mel & the Party Hats at the Theatre-- not together, we were on opposite sides of the dance floor, or to Cowboy Mouth late in the night... how the crowd would explode when COME ON EILEEN would start on the fiddle. Never, in a million years, would I have known that I would be married to the curly headed SAE three groups & six spilled beers over... and never would we have known that as we both danced, stomped, twirled, and dipped with our respective dates that we would be dancing to a song that makes us laugh so hard now at the thought of how much she will hate Dexy's Midnight Runners. And how we will have to explain WHO she was named after instead of WHAT. Her friends will love it-- and she will hate it (but secretly love it).

And so, she has a name. She a wonderful name. She has a name of her Irish heritage & compassion with the slow, slow patience of Job. Her name is an evolution of being the youngest of 5 children in a large Catholic family, being born in Columbus, growing up in Atlanta, marrying young & having two great kids... us.

She has a name. And we love her name. From the moment we knew there would be three... she had her name & I did the very best [worst] job at keeping her name a secret for nine [six] months.

For my mother, for my wonderful Blessing of a mother- she has a name. Patricia Eileen Cagle has the most wonderful namesake that I could ever imagine. As we all look at our mothers as the greatest women in the world... it just grows when you finally understand that your mother went through all of this [and then some] to bring you into this world.

My mother almost died bringing me here. But, she is here, I am here, and our story moves forward.

May Eileen have all of my mother's wonderful qualities- patience, beauty, love, patience, compassion, patience, perfectly-diplomatic & never too opinionated, and the best cook in the state.

Eileen will dance to Michael Jackson (as she currently does en utero), wear the most precious smocked dresses, swim in the deep blue sea, and understand that she is one of many in this great, big family. Afterall, she is named for the youngest of five and her father is almost the youngest of another set of five.

Eileen will be here in 16 weeks & we simply cannot wait to meet her. Until then though, she is having a great time jumping up and down on my stomach, laughing at me as I continually run to the bathroom to throw up...again (my body cannot handle extra estrogen), kicking her father in the mouth, and cuddling her back up to his hand whenever he places it on her little fishbowl. Tiny Eileen would fit in the perfect palm of your hand and is already ready, willing, and able to let the world know she is on her way.

It can't get here fast enough.

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