Monday, February 9, 2009

23 weeks!

Twenty three weeks! Hooray! There is much ado about all kinds of cool things with Poppy this week.

1- We can hear LMC's heartbeat through Husband's stethoscope this week! Forget the Doppler & all that cold gel... the three of us can sit down to a nice meal & have an astounding conversation (one sided).

2- She is about a foot long & weighs in at just over a pound. Over the next four weeks, she will be putting on massive fat deposits and doubling her body weight.

3- Poppy no longer looks like an alien... not that she ever did. Her skin is no longer transparent, though is does sort-of "hang" on her frame awaiting the afore mentioned fat.

4- She thoroughly enjoyed the roasted garlic on toasted saltines appetizer I made for Husband and I last night.

5- I have not been sick in almost a week! DOUBLE HOORAYS FOR THAT!

Mom & I have a hot date this coming Thursday that both Husband & I are very excited about. We have blocked off the afternoon from dad's datebook and we are off to a sassy lunch- just the girls, then to MCG for her to sneak a peek inside my uterus via ultrasound. She will get to meet Poppy.

In your thoughts and prayers this week, please remember my precious little cousin who has leukemia- he is also battling a fungal infection that the doc are optimistic about, my grandfather is having outpatient cataract surgery on Wednesday, and my poor, poor mother has to take care of him afterwards. God Bless her.

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