Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uptown Girl

oh my goodness...

Well, I said I did not have a preference and I did not.

Until I saw Poppy on the screen sucking its thumb and kicking the sides of the fishbowl and the ultrasounder person looked at me and asked for the tenth time, "Do you want to know what it is?"

YES! YES! YES, we want to know!

Will said, "Look, it's a girl."

"Is he right? Is he right? IS HE RIGHT?"

In my heart of hearts, at that moment, I wanted Husband to be right.

And he was.

Poppy is a girl.

Poppy will have seersucker dresses, Mary Jane shoes, white dress formal days, and pleated school uniform skirts.

Poppy will sip lemonade on Georgia Hill in her Masters Dress, wear her Georgia cheerleading outfit to Athens (and nap through the games), dance backwards at Social in her white gloves, and sleep in polka dot pajamas.

She might go to Georgia, she might not. She might be a Kappa, she might be a Zeta. She might be so many things in this world.

But she is ours. And she is a she. And she will be here in 20 weeks, give or take.


John Patrick said...

And one Adoptive aunt to spoil her with whatever means she can swing.

Connor Family Blog said...

Love this post. So just don't even know yet how much this little girl is going to steal your heart and Will's heart...oh yea and the whole family...and all of your friends. It's amazing! Congrats!

Grace and David Staniszewski said...


I am so happy for you and Will. I cannot wait for her to get here safe and sound. She is going to be one lucky little girl.

love you guys.