Thursday, January 1, 2009

the short, short version

Poppy? Where does it come from? Recently, that has been the question of the day. Will & I found out that our little family of 2 was growing wayyy back when I was in the 4-6 week range. As soon as there were two lines (not one... two), I rushed out to Target and purchased "What to Expect when you're Expecting" --AKA-- The Bible.

After reading (skimming) the first hundred or so pages about how to get pregnant (got that), what to do to help getting pregnant (didn't need that section), why drugs are bad for uterus bound babies, how to quit smoking & what to do about those pesky nipple rings (seriously?!), I got to the much needed section of sections-- What to FREAKING expect.

Page 107 of WTEWYE said that a UBB (that would be uterus bound baby) at our point in pregnancy was the size of a poppy seed. That would be super teeny tiny for those that don't know anything about cooking or opiates. This thing was our little poppy seed, it was our little Poppy. And it was my job to make sure that the teeny tiny poppy seed did not shake loose, fall out, or do anything dumb to rock the world of what would be the future Lil' Cagle too much over the next several months.

Poppy Seed quickly grew into a fruit (tomato seed, orange seed, avocado seed, plum, prune, small melon...) and is now past all that and moving into body part sizes (palm of hand, whole hand, length of arm...) before it finally moves to sizes I would rather not imagine (watermelon, rhino).

Poppy seed was a little long winded & so many of the other usual names were taken by our friends- peanut, friend, butter bean, bean, embryo, parasite.... So, Poppy fits us just fine.

Now you know-- we're nuts. But, we're nuts together & we don't have a peanut. We have a Poppy.

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