Friday, January 23, 2009

I believe.

I believe many things.

I believe that chocolate was God's gift to single women.
I believe that vanilla ice cream tastes better when eaten outside.
I believe that Husbands are the greatest people in the whole wide world.
I believe that your mind is always clearer after a walk, no matter the weather.
I believe that a clean car drives better.
I believe that orange goes with more colors than people give it credit for.
I believe that red goes with fewer colors than people put stock in.
I believe that arguing does not accomplish anything.

I believe that people hide behind 'devil's advocate.'
I believe that money should be invested in good Kleenexes.
I believe that bikinis should not be made past a certain size.
I believe that History is only as interseting as the teacher.
I believe that Thriller was one of the greatest albums ever made.
I believe that being nice gets you farther in life.

I belive in just a few things.

I believe in my husband & what he can accomplish.
I believe in his work.
I believe in God.
I believe in the power of prayer.

We have a member of our family who is sick. He wears Spider-Man pajamas and he has cancer. He needs our thoughts and he needs our prayers.

I believe that when our nephew, John, was so sick, and we all prayed... it was the doctors that did the fixing and it was God who did the healing.

The doctors. The nurses. The parents. The brothers. The grandparents. The aunts. The uncles. The little guy in the spider-man pajamas. That is where my thoughts and my prayers will be.

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