Tuesday, January 20, 2009


How sad I am to update my blog this week. I really liked my last post. HOWEVER, I have been looking forward to this post since the nausea kicked in, the wine glasses started collecting dust, and the sexy jeans were retired... this week I am on the downslope of this whole pregnancy business. 20 weeks! 20 weeks! 20 weeks! Halfway, actually, more than halfway... Monday was halfway & if there is no calendar on your desk, that was t-h-r-e-e days ago. 19 weeks, 4 days to go.

Poppy is 20 weeks old this week. But, I did not get to talk about last weeks very long ultrasound. Poppy popped up on the screen and we saw the side angle of LMC (Little Miss Cagle) sucking her tiny thumb. I was blown away by the sight of the white curves making out the baby, our baby, hanging out in my uterus.

How about this for 20-week old Poppy? SHE has developed sleep pattern and she already has all of her "woman parts" for future doctor visits. Yeah, I think I will wait a while before we have THAT talk! Also, Poppy is the size of a red-bull can. All I can picture when I think of Red Bull is my crazy cousin, Lauren & when she used to come visit me in Athens. She LOVED Red Bull. LOVED it. Probably took 10 years off of her life she drank so much of it. Legal Addictive Stimulant.

And 20-week old Poppy has a name. She has a name. And I love her name. And Husband does, too. I even bought some very sassy bloomers last week with lace on the legs and took them to Three Stitches to get it monogrammed with pink letters and lime green polka dots. Poppy can wear her bloomers over stinky diapers and flash her letters for everyone to see.

We just are not ready to share. Yet.

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