Wednesday, January 28, 2009


21 weeks.

I asked Husband yesterday if he could pick up the next 19, since I carried Poppy the first 21-- it's only fair-- and he politely declined.

21 weeks.

Here's what so cool about Poppy at her dashing 21 weeks... she can taste. Whatever I eat, she gets to taste it as she gulps her amniotic fluid for nutrients. And she's eaten pretty good this week... filet mignon a'la Brother's Green Egg, plenty of Cheerios, Fresh Market pimento cheese, Chick-Fil-A, Village Deli, yummy-1974-2 can Campbell Soup-Brown rice (we've all had it), squash, boiled peanuts, and LOTS of Crystal Light & Apple Juice.

Poppy has been a regular Michael Phelps swimming from the left side of my uterus to the right side... and then back again. It is an interesting feeling- having them somersault & toss around in the little fish bowl.

And I am getting bigger, too. Every time Brother looks at me, "GIRL-- we're gonna start calling you BIG MAMA!" It's amazing what 7 pounds can look like on a five foot, three inch girl! Oh, sweet seven pounds. How I am glad there is not a "1" anywhere near that "7" (on either side!).

Now that I am looking pregnant (and not like I do not know any better & wearing clothes that don't fit), Will is going to have to snap some pictures with our new camera. He went to Wolf last week & asked the lady for the fastest shutter speed out there as we already know this kid is a "zoomer!"

We go back to get an ultrasound again in two weeks! To clear something up-- Poppy is PERFECTLY healthy; no problems anywhere.





Even our quad screen came back and said that she will be the future President of the United States. Okay, that is a little exageration, but it did come back with two thumbs up & an "A+" at the top. Still an exageration, but I'll go with it for the time being.

Once we go back to the ultra-sound-er on the 12th, Will & I will spill the beans on Poppy's name. She will still be our Poppy, multiplied by about a million, but she will have her real name- monogrammed bloomers & all.

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