Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's not quite 7am & I am still, literally, bleary eyed. My whole family is a-buzz with excitement. We're all up (Will's sleeping, no surprise there) & sitting on our hands so we do not go straight to the hospital this instant. Dad has already left, as a matter of fact-- he was there when they got there at 6am.

Tellis is coming.

The greatest, cutest, most awesome nephew is getting a sister in mere moments...minutes...probably hours. Probably a lot of hours.

Anna Tellis Merry- AKA Ford's little sister.

For the next 20 years she will be known as Ford's Little Sister... how do I know? Because I was the previous Bradford Woodhull Merry's little sister for 26 years.

Oh, nausea subside... we have bigger fish to fry today!

As I type, Martha is getting hooked up to all kind of machines, lines are getting set in to her veins, and I believe it would be safe to use the term "Human Pin Cushion." By the time I get to the hospital (a paltry hour and a half from now) we will see two sets of heart beats on the monitors: Martha & Tellis-- two of the most important women of Brad Merry's life. Martha will have two lines in her veins & probably already one in her back.

All in anticipation of Tellis.

Send a prayer upstairs to the Big Man for a safe landing. The wheels are lowered and locked and we are on final approach!

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