Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something is in the water...

I thought I would be the only one pregnant when we found out about Poppy. Boy, was I wrong!

Check it out:

Catherine: My SIL is pregnant with her third child. They already have two precious children who are the light of my life. I love calling her oldest and asking about her day. See, Catherine home schools her and that child is smart as a whip. Catherine takes such effort to make sure that she is learning all kinds of cool things, so when you call to ask what she learned in school today- you had best be ready- because she learned something!!
Due: Early May

Mary Margaret: Mai and I have been big buddies since we were 15. Mai was a year older, so she could drive long before anyone else and had this very, very swanky 1963 yellow station wagon. One door would not unlock, the other would not lock- the interior was brown pleather & had two bench seats- there was an eight track... good grief, there was an eight track that did not work. When the car turned, the radio dial would roll, thus causing the radio station to change. The horn? Oh, the horn... it was not on the front of the steering wheel... it was on the side. The "power locks" were just that, power locks. They said "power locks" on the top.
This car is what stories are made of and legends come from.
In my mind, this car... THIS CAR was awesome. Everyone needed a friend growing up that had a "shaggin' wagon." And, boy howdy, I did!
Due: Late May

Blake: Sweet and quiet Blake. I love Blake- she and Brandon were (are) high school sweethearts and are from Tiny Town, USA... AKA South Carolina. She has perfect curly dark hair & their baby is going to be fair skinned and dark haired just like "it's" awesome parents. She's way better at secrets than I could ever be & I feel so bad that her nausea passes mine on an icky level of 12.
Due: Late June

Laura: New-to-town, Laura. She had the most perfect wedding. Her wedding was so perfect, that at the end of the evening, her dashing husband- my buddy since kindgergaden-- stopped the band, grabbed the mic, looked at his wife, and unabashedly said, "My wife is the most beautiful woman." Tell me that won't be two people who are not going to spend a lifetime together making wonderful memories and beautiful babies! Laura and her husband just bought a great house that is perfect for raising babies.
Due: Mid June

Kristen: Hee Hee Hee... Krissy just spilled the beans. She's having Baby Number 2 in the ATL at the end of July. Baby Number 1 is a pistol ball, so I have great, GREAT hopes for BN2. Kristen was one of the prettiest pregnant people I ever met; pregnancy just agreed her. Great skin, great legs, great hair, just GREAT. They just bought a new house that will raise an amazing family and Kristen has an amazing job that will allow her to be an active part in their lives and upbringing. She works at Buckhead Church doing all kinds of cool stuff with all kinds of cool people. She loves it. I picture Kristen getting up every morning and whistling as she starts her day.
Due: Late July

Alexis/Colleen: Very cool, old school friends from about an eternity ago. We just met back up recently & they are both due early in 2009. I thought they might need a shout out to add to my list, even though they aren't adding to the "babies due around Poppy" time frame. Especially since Alexis and her husband had THE GREATEST costume this past Halloween and Colleen is an awesome photographer.

I feel like I am missing some people... but, 5 + 2 is still a good, many people!!

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