Sunday, December 28, 2008

Open hands

Open your hand. Go on, open it. It won't kill you. Either one, left or right. I opened my left, because that is the hand that I write with.

Did you open it? Now, look at it. Spread your fingers out. Are you ready for this factoid?

That's the size of Poppy.

If we could look at Poppy in the eyes (which we don't want to do right now) "shem" would be resting in the palm of your hand. Poppy is 5 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 3.5 ounces. And Poppy has ears! Loud noises (like me laughing, or listening to Michael Jackson in the new g-ride) startle Poppy. And, if you can believe this, over the next week there will be fingerprints on the teeny, tiny little fingers that will be with Poppy through all of their days. That is, when the little thumb is not in the little mouth.

Please note that I am trying REALLY hard not to use "it" and I have to be creative.

Poppy is 17 weeks en utero tomorrow. I am almost... ALMOST half-way through this business you call pregnancy. 3 weeks to go before we hit the top peak and then start the downhill descent.

And I look pregnant. Sometimes. Right now, I feel like I look like I just do not know any better and am wearing clothes that are too tight (with elastic waist bands). But, today I was walking into the hospital to see Will (who is on call tonight, again) and my reflection in all 86 life-size window panes showed a bump that could not be mistaken for too many cocktails, candy bars, and too few miles in the New Balances.

That was a bump under that shirt.

Oh, Poppy-- let's pray for random hands off my belly, the nausea to subside, and you to grow safely and soundly for another few months.

Also, I updated my "gadgets" on meetthenewestcagle-- see to the right? That's how many days until our ultrasound (I had to redo an "end of the world/alien" countdown-- can you tell??), above is a pollster- what's Poppy's gender?? Boy or girl-- you pick. Will and I are very curious to find out. Lower right is a 3D rendition of what computer generated Poppy looks like en utero each week. My friend Faris had one of these on her page & I thought it was neat to track her future Eliza Faris.

So, open your hand again- grab the mouse, drag it to the top & cast your opinion on what the Cagles are having!

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Kristen said...

where did the name poppy come from?