Thursday, December 18, 2008

More to say...

I wish that I had more to say today. Currently, my foot is propped up and I am sipping on hot chocolate wishing Husband was not on call tonight. This week will total 3 nights at the hospital. That is four nights home.

Stupid Call.

But, in much more fun things to talk about-- we went back to Erin today and had our check-up. Poppy is quite the swimmer- every time the Doppler found Poppy, it took off swimming to another part of my ever-growing uterus. The heartbeat was in the 150s (when we could hear it) and very strong.

We go back in exactly 28 days to find out the sex of Poppy. If it's a boy, we will have to come up with a new nickname for "IT" as Poppy does sound a little girly. We even have names picked out-- we are just hoping (trying) to keep it a secret until we actually lay eyes on Poppy and make sure that _______ ______ if it's a boy or ________ ______ if it's a girl are the names we want to saddle them with for the rest of their days. We have had "our names" since about the day we saw Poppy on the screen for the first time. People offer up ideas & all we say is, "We have some ideas, we're just waiting until we meet it" or something to that effect-- it is such a personal decision... naming a child. Our child. In June. Oh Gawd, how am I going to keep a secret for another 5 months?! SIX! Six months!

I was trying to think of a creative way to let both sets of parents know what we are having, but currently, the baby is taking all my smart & creative cells and replacing them with extra "ummms" and "uhhhs." I do know, that whatever parts Poppy has, we are very excited. The nursery will commence January 16th, as soon as we know if the booties will be pink or blue.

Well, my hot chocolate is getting cold & I am leaning towards going to sleep early (if you did not know, it's 7:35pm)...

This weekend is Brennan Family Christmas and all of Mama's sisters and children AND children's children will be here on Friday-- I love Brennan Family Christmas, but more on that later.

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