Friday, December 12, 2008

A lady always arrives 15 minutes late...

Tellis is here. It took all day and into the night, but she is here.

I clearly think that A-L-L newborns look like Winston Churchill for the first month (at least) & all of the beautiful babies I have seen have been no exception.

Until Wednesday.

Tellis is, by far, the most beautiful sack of sugar I have ever seen. She has the most perfect eyes, nose, and microscopic fingernails. When I hold Ford, I simply forget that he was ever that small. That small & that perfect.

She is going home today to start, what I am sure to be, a very fun journey.

When I held Ford for the first time, I whispered in his ear all the secret things we would do together on his way through life... the zoo, the lake, fishing, going to the park, swimming, playing, football games, Athens, picking peanuts, and driving Wrangler stick shifts to name a few.

When I held Tellis for the first time, I whispered different things in her ear, all the secret things we would do on her way through life... still the zoo, going to the park, and swimming... but also, shopping, wrapping her parents Christmas presents & drinking non-rum egg nog, teaching her how to cook chicken bog, pedicures, but I also included driving a Wrangler stick shift. All girls should know how to do that. Especially ones like Tellis.

When I look at my little niece and nephew, I wonder if that is how my amazing aunts looked at me-- overwhelmed with love & affection and knowing that I would knock the fire out of hell for them.

What a blessing it is to be an aunt.

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