Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful for Tangerines

Whoever said that nausea passes at the end of the first trimester... lied. This morning I even threw up my Zofron!

I guess those are the breaks.

Twelve weeks. Poppy has taste buds all over its little mouth and its whole body now responds to even the softest touch. Apparently 40 weeks divided by 3 does NOT equal 13.3 (contrary to math) it equals 12, as all the books say that Trimester Two begins at week 12. Okay by me... 12 times 3 is 36 and that shaves a whole month off this rodeo!

Have the two worst words been mentioned yet? Weight Gain. Fortunately, only a pound and a half have been tacked on to my short frame in the first trimester... however, you'd never know it as all of my weight has shifted to the middle part of my body... both front and back. Nothing pretty and nothing I would recommend to check out in the shower.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. Husband tops the list and Poppy is right up there with him. Definitely my family, the rain we have had, cold weather, basil and sage, Cheerios, the roof over our head & our tangerine bedroom are all in my top 20.

Being a tangerine room sleeper makes me so happy, I love waking up every morning and seeing one of our Hair paintings of a city skyline. I picture Brooklyn every time I look at it. Brooklyn at sunrise. In the fall. It has all these awesome warm tones... deep crimson, dark gold, tangerine, and to contrast blues and greens with all these antennas in black sticking off the roof. At the bottom, all the colors blend in to a sickly gray; whether it's a street or the sea is up to the eyeball. Very cool.

[If you have read, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" that is specifically what I picture. That story. If you have not, take the time- it's a good read.]

Tangerine Room Sleeper. Complete with 2 pieces of folk art, a print of the school where I graduated, a blue platter, 2 historical plates, a print of Old Medical College, and three records (Steely Dan, James Brown, and the White Album) are what surround us as tangerine room sleepers on our white bed. With two mismatched and beaten up antique tables. MIS-matched. One's round, one's square. One's on a pedestal and one's on 4 legs...

And Jeckel. My very amazing grandmother saved an old sign my dad made when I was 7 after our car broke down and Woody, Brad, and I were en route to Jekyll Island to see my grandparents. A $.35 piece of cardboard made a timeless memory and is now framed & matted on our tangerine room wall. Cracked. The glass cracked right after I got it & it added so much character, I left it like that.

Another thing I am thankful for... Husband bought me a new car yesterday from Herlong. Her long legs. That's what they say so you know how to spell it and pronounce it. My short legs don't qualify, so I have to scoot the seat all the way up under the steering wheel of my new 2005 Z71 Tahoe. My truck is more manly than Husband's! If there is a bell or a whistle to be had on a Tahoe, this one has it. It has so many bells and whistles, it even has a organ. Okay, that might be an exaggeration.

Bells, whistles, frills, lace, whatever... it's cool & I am stoked.

Husbands on call again tonight & I am hanging out in my tangerine room about to call it an evening. After learning how to make dressing from Mom, who learned from Millie... I have a lot to absorb, much like the dressing has a lot of liquid to take in tonight!

From this tangerine room, to you at your computer... safe travels this holiday.

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