Monday, November 17, 2008

Since when did 40 divided by 3 equal 11 weeks??

Is it terrible that I am already saying, "Yeah... first trimester...DOWN!" and I still have another two weeks?

I talked to Helen today; sweet and perfect Helen. I wish she lived below the Mason-Dixon line. People like Helen, though, cool and awesome people like Helen-- they are not afraid to stretch their sea legs and be a fish out of water.


I am terrified of leaving The South in less than two years; let alone leaving my safe haven of Augusta.

Eleven weeks. Poppy is able to do somersaults (I can tell...), and is growing hair follicles. It's head is as big as the rest of its body & it (hopefully) no longer has webbed hands or toes. Eleven weeks. Pretty cool that at eleven weeks Poppy is just a little over 2 inches long & is already developing into a little person.

Will is on call again tonight, which is good because I desperately need to go to the grocery store... supper tonight was a very healthy can of Campbell's Double Noodle soup with a bunch of Ritz Crackers & powerade. Talk about making my doctor proud...

Tomorrow is Husband's birthday-- he will be the big 2-8. Birthdays are now shedding a new light on me. 28 years ago today, tiny Debbie Cagle was waddling around the house, much like Martha is now, with three kids hanging on her legs. And I bet, just BET, that all she could think about... other than dinner, her husband, work, and, again, the three small kids at her ankles, was the *ready-to-get-out-her-belly* baby that would be here, on this earth, in less than 24 hours.

And did she have any idea that 2 years later, on THIS day, she would be giving birth again?? This time to a bouncing baby girl with curly blonde hair?

And Grace made five.

And Shaw, Catherine, Darryl, David, and I make ten.

And grandchildren equal sixteen, with two waiting to hit the ground.

We always wish the "birthday-er" Happy Birthday; but we do not ever think to congratulate the mother on a job well done. Or to thank her for driving a watermelon out of places watermelons do not belong. Or just a high-five for going into labor so that we could have one more person on this great place called Earth. Especially one as great as Will. (Or Grace. Or Anna. Or Charner. Or Bev.)

And to think she did it more than once, and each time without any pain medicine. I guess kids like those make a little pain worth it.

Debbie, a virtual high five to you. Thanks for giving birth to Husband and for all my in-laws.


Kristen said...

Umm, so i hope no one ever describes me as "waddling" :)

Grace and David Staniszewski said...


This was very thoughtful. My mom would greatly appreciate this. Thank you for that....