Sunday, November 9, 2008

Maternity sections...

I can't figure out how to save the picture and post it on the blog... another technology lesson, I guess. BUT, the bottom line is this: this link is an image of a 10 week old Poppy. Not our Poppy, but a Poppy, just the same.

I would love to be the guinea pig for these websites so they can take pictures of OUR bambino and we get to see the weekly progress in these high-def images.

10 whole weeks, that means he/she has tiny little arm buds and the teeth are starting to form under the gums. If he's a HE- he is already producing testosterone. As for me being the incubator, my pants are getting a little too tight and I have been too sick to exercise. This head cold has been a sonofabitch and have been sick since Halloween. When I had the FLU, I was not as sick as I have been this past week. This morning was the first one that I woke up without a raw throat- so maybe I can start walking again tomorrow.

Will's on call today, so Lauren and I went maternity clothes shopping with Deedle. Just so we're clear: 2 racks next to the clearance section of summer bathing suits and picked over tacky tube tops does not constitute a maternity "SECTION." Even though your store has the really big sign that says 'Maternity' like all the other sections in your department store... 'Lingerie,' 'Children's,' 'Seasonal,' or 'Shoes' those sections have more than 2 racks of items and deserve their big-ass sign. Maternity deserved a little Smurf sign with an arrow pointing you around the corner to the 2 racks by the bathroom in the back of the store.

It looks like I am off to eBay. Sweet! Another excuse to play on eBay on a regular basis...

Speaking of Will being on call today-- we just got his December schedule. Are you curious if he works enough? He works 25 out of the 30 days in November. He does get Thanksgiving and Friday after off- but it's a give and take. He's on call the Tuesday/Wednesday before and he's on call the Saturday/Sunday afterwards. And yes, Dr. Cagle is taking care of the tiniest of tiny babies on Christmas Day-- the NICU. Of all the places I would not want to be Christmas Day, Number 1 is the NICU with my child. Of all the places I know Husband will be Number 1 on Christmas Day is the NICU with many families & their children.

It's tough being on this side of what Will does. This month he is working in the NICU and every morning when he leaves at 6am, or he spends the night at the hospital (like he will be doing tonight and several nights again between now and Christmas-- and Christmas, too), I think about how lucky we are. Blessed. Overwhelmingly taken care of. Our nephew, the cutest, bounciest, greatest little guy that runs around Thomasville & that house on Cindy is here because of doctors like Will and places like the MCG NICU. See, our nephew is just one great miracle that came out of the NICU, but everyday there are more and more miracles that come out of those tiny little incubators.

Did you know that the NICU babies have to have special diapers? Normal diapers cause hip dysplasia & those little newborn diapers cost over $3 each. If you have not ever- call, schedule & take the time to tour a high level NICU. It will make you want to give your heart and soul to a hospital- with either time or money.

I am really proud of Husband and what he does with his days and nights when he is not with me.

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