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Bennie Prays

Dear-ah Gawd,

Bennie here.

Thank you for my mah-mee, my Fuzzy, and my daddy. Oh, and Birdie! Please let me grow very tall and have beautiful dresses. Thank you for Trolls and the bee-u-tee-ful flowers and my pajamas. I love my pajamas.

'Dis gonna be a long prayer, Mah-mee.

Please let me have waffles every morning for breakfast. I love my giraffe blanket and my thumb. Fuzzy is really funny. Today, well- he hit me today. A lot. But, he is really funny like Big Viv. Gawd, Big Viv calls me Tiny the Brave. Thank you for making me brave. But if you could make me Tiny the Tall and Brave that would be awesome.

Mah-mee, I told you-- 'dis gonna be a long prayer.

I love cats and want daddy to no longer be 'lergic to them so we can have three cats, but no panthers. Birdie likes panthers, but they are too big to sleep in my bed. OH! How about we have a panther and two dogs? Please get us two dogs and a bunny rabbit. I love bunny rabbits.

Is that it? I ask.

No. I love bunny rabbits. Wait…