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The Best Haircut I Ever Had

A few days ago, I posted about the worst thing I ever did to my hair. Perhaps now it might be worth mentioning the best haircut I ever had.

Sometime at the end of high school, I was at a baby shower for a friend of my parents. We were on the west side of town on someone's farm. The people were really nice and I knew not a soul. Being the youngest there, I mostly listened to conversations instead of partaking in them.

A man spoke about picking up some lunch at "the Pumpkin Center," apparently it was really tasty. Someone else mentioned that they popped over to "the Pumpkin Center" to pick up a few groceries. An older woman mentioned something about how "the Pumpkin Center" just repainted the sign.

I ask, "Is this place a real pumpkin patch?"

No- it's the only place to shop on this side of town between here and Thomson.

Okay, fair enough. Place to shop. Got it.

It seems like "the Pumpkin Center" was a central hub to this side of …

First Reconciliation

Years ago, back when my grandfather was still living and had the majority of his faculties and my brother was still a Catholic, the Bishop came to town. Brother took BigDad to the Mass that evening. At the end, the man in the funny hat announced that if anyone wanted to make confession, there would be priests stationed around the church to receive and give penance. My grandfather, fast as lightening on that walker with tennis balls on the end made his way third in line with the Bishop before Brother could even get out of the pew. Brother, sheepishly, stood in line- perhaps ten or twelve back from BigDad. The line drew down by two and my grandfather was next.

BigDad stepped out of line, turned around, extended his skeletal arm and pointed to my brother. The wrist flipped over and that long pointer finger pointed to Brother and beckoned him forward. Brother turned around to see if BigDad might have been pointing at someone else, perhaps his equally elderly sister or, maybe the postman.

Anna and Steve Sanders

Anna and Steve have two beautiful sons and they are great parents. I sat with her this morningbefore dropping our children off for school and it seems I caught her at a vulnerable moment. Her infertility was on her mind. 
She said, "It's emotional," as I caught the very wisps of tears at the corner of her eyes. 
Anna has healthy children sitting in the backseat and a devoted husband. Anna is beautiful, has a job she loves, and lives in a great house. Anna has all the boxes checked for a care-free life. Foolishly, I thought her infertility was a thing of the past, but it dawned on me that it won't ever be a thing of the past. She will always have this struggle. 
Her church, Reid Presbyterian, where my husband and I were married come ten years ago this March, asked her family to be the host family of the annual race that raises money for a foundation of the host family's choice. 
Here is the article from her church newsletter:
When we got married almost 10 years ago…

The Best and The Worst

I was thinking today about the very best hair cut I ever had... which was because I was telling the story of the very worst thing I ever did to my hair.

The question that ensued was, "OMG... is this on your blog?"

No.... no it isn't.

Until now.

Since "The Worst" story led to "The Best" story-- let me start there.

The Worst Haircut I ever Had
Mama used to go to Debbie's Hair Cottage on Monte Sano Avenue, pronounced Mahn-Tee-San-Oh. Debbie's Hair Cottage was across the street from the Knights of Columbus building with an aging royal blue awning. That blue awning had, what appeared to be, iron-on letters. The parking was behind the building, with cracked asphalt and faded lines. 
At the time, I was 18- heading to The University in the fall and going through sorority rush. 
These two tidbits are extremely important to note. 
Mama went to Debbie's Hair Cottage because her aunts went to Debbie's Hair Cottage. My mom, at the time, was in her e…